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Sun Prairie Learning & Karate Camp:

Our Learning & Karate Camp are about two things: FUN and GROWTH. We help kids develop confidence in themselves and respect for others - all while having fun and getting fit.


We value your privacy and will never share your information with anyone, ever!


Does my child have to wear a mask?
We are required to wear masks in our facility per State and Local guidelines.
Will Coaches/Staff wear masks?
Based on the State and Local guidelines our staff and coaches will have to wear a mask during indoor activities and when not able to socially distance themselves.
What are you doing to keep your school cleaned while they are transitioning between activities?
Here is what we are doing to keep our facility safe and clean:
  • Sanitize all equipment, tables, and chairs frequently
  • Sanitize room after children exit
  • Have children sanitize hands upon entering new room


How many kids are there per group?
Based off our State and Local guidelines we are able to accommodate up to 15 students per one adult coach.
How are you keeping kids separated (social distancing)?
During the day when they are able to maintain social distancing of 6 feet and assigned seating ise provided for children. We are having students wear face masks. Areas are cleaned and sanitized daily. Students will be given hand sanitizer before entering a new area.
What kind of electronic devices does my child need to bring?
Your child will need a device that is able to connect them to the internet and will allow your child to access their E-Learning/Virtual Learning platform. Along with their devices please have them bring a charger and earphones/headset that will allow them to hear and speak to their teachers virtually.
Are parents allowed into the facility?
We are asking parents to wear a mask and come into the lobby only for drop off and pickups.


What is the procedure if a student is showing symptoms while at your school?
If a student is not feeling well, or if they are showing symptoms, they will be isolated and sent home immediately with no exceptions.
If you, your child, or a staff member have been in direct contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 we will require either a negative test result, or a 14 day quarantine must be completed before we can allow a safe return back to any of our programs.
To ensure your child’s health in the very unlikely event that we may have to pause our programs, we will immediately send an email, text message and phone call to request that you come early to pick up your child.

Our main purpose: Help your child get ahead in life.

For thousands of years, martial arts has been used as a tool.

It's a tool for growth. For inner development. For becoming a better person.

We're passionate about sharing this purpose with you and your child. That way they won't just have tons of fun, they'll become smarter and wiser too.

Fun Activities That Keep Your Child Fit, Strong, & Healthy.

Every day of our camp is packed with a variety of fun games, interactive activities and exciting field trips that will have your child smiling from ear to ear. They'll also get fitter, smarter, and stronger - inside and out.

With the increase of video games, devices, and more - physical exercise and mental stimulation have never been more important for our youth.

We'll make sure your child gets as much as they need so they grow up strong and happy.

Self-Defense keeps your child safe.

Of course, one awesome side-effect of martial arts is self-defense. Your child will become as safe as possible and gain the tools they need to escape and find help.

You can breathe easier knowing they can handle themselves.

Life lessons build character, confidence, and more.

Through our fun games and activities, we 'secretly' teach kids important lessons on life.

We help them become more confident. We give them tools to focus better at school. And we teach them how to respect themselves and others.

That's what martial arts is really all about: growing and becoming a better you.

That's the true gift we'll share with your child.

Check out what Google users are saying about Kicks Unlimited Sun Prairie

Nina P. Thongsavanh
- 6 months ago
A very friendly and comfortable environment. The staffs are beyond sweet and very helpful. My son had a hard time at first since he was nervous and scare but after a month he gotten use to everything and enjoys going. I definitely recommend this to anyone who is interested:)

Kasie Strahl
- 7 months ago
Our son started at Kicks Unlimited about 6 weeks ago. He is young yet, but we have struggled to find something that he is interested in and excited about. I am happy to say Kicks Unlimited changed all of that! He is excited every day to go to learn and practice! I am thankful for the amazingly talented and patient instructors. It is so much fun to watch and our son has had so much fun in class!

Lisa Myhre
- 6 months ago
My son has been at Kicks for 4 years as a Lil Ninja and will be testing for his red stripe belt in a couple weeks. We struggle to find things for him to be involved in that doesn't involve a screen and I will be honest, there have been more times than not that he fights us to go to practice, but once he bows on that karate floor he is all in. My son also has behavior issues at home, which is one of the reasons we started him in karate - for the respect and discipline that is taught there. I also highly recommend attending/participating in the semi-annual tournaments. It is such a good experience for the kids. The competition, winning some, losing some, and be there for the beginning to see the Red Top division . It has given my son such motivation to perform at that high level. He also wants to grow out and die his hair to look like Mr. Olson ;)

Chelsea Yang
- 6 months ago
The staff is very friendly and the instructors are usually very attentive to the students when they’re doing something incorrectly in class. They offer tournaments and a chance for students to compete in things for all levels which is very awesome and a great experience for the students! My daughter loves coming here and she certainly loves working with her instructors. Sometimes she is shy but they help her feel comfortable and confident to try! I would like there to be more classes at different times for Lil Ninjas throughout the week because the hours of their classes during the week all fall in the middle of second shift working hours and sometimes I can only attend one of those days during the week. I also think there should be more communication between the instructors and parents about the students: how they are doing in class, what do they need to work on, if they’re coming close to testing for the next belt or if they’ll be missing the next testing class due to needing a little more time practicing, what they can work on at home, things that they are performing well at or are struggling with, etc. I feel like this would give parents a better understanding of the expectations for their students and how they are doing in class as well as letting parents have a chance to help their students with what can be practiced at home to perform better in class or prepare for a test. My daughter wasn’t included in a recent testing class so we were kind of left confused and wondering why she wasn’t in it since she was here a lot longer than some of the students in that class and she had her forms memorized well.

Kelli Elert
- 8 months ago
My son started only a couple of months ago...and he is LOVING it! He is learning not only karate, but respect, self control, and self confidence! The instructors are amazing at getting to know each student.

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